Emily Stone has some interesting ways that she fights back against crime and injustice in my novel Compulsion. She has been known to fight with punches and kicks, but she also has an uncanny ability to infer subtle clues in order to track down child pedophiles and killers.

What are victim’s options when suddenly confronted or threatened by a criminal predator?

Interestingly, there are guidelines that the FBI suggests if you are confronted in a crime situation along with a couple of other options that I’d like to share. Emily has exhibited all but one of these guidelines.

1. Posturing :If you show that you’re confident and would be a possible tough target, predators will generally wait for an easier target. Be aware of your surroundings and know where you are going. Never look unsure about your next move. This can be a signal to a would be predator. Stand up straight and look ahead and subtly around you. Confidence can carry you a long way to safety.

2. Outsmarting: Sometimes it may be possible to verbally diffuse a situation and maneuver yourself to an escape route. This requires a cool head and the ability to surmise a situation. This may not be the best technique for everyone, but it definitely has its place in some situations.

3. Fleeing: This technique falls under our primal reaction to danger as the “fight or flight” mechanism. It may seem obvious that you should run away from danger, but it might not be possible under certain conditions. Always look for an escape.

4. Surrendering: This technique may be implemented if you see an opportunity to escape at a later moment or fight.

5. Fighting: This has been referred to as “stun and run”. Basically you fight with everything you have in order to escape the situation.

It’s not always easy to anticipate what you would do in any situation, but you should be vigilant, aware, and confident in your daily activities. Emily wants everyone to be safe.

Take the thriller challenge and see if you can spot which technique Emily didn’t do in “Compulsion.

I would love to hear from you.

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