Emily’s Crime Watch – Tip #16 (Personal Safety Devices)

Posted: August 13, 2010 in "Compulsion", "Compulsion" Emily Stone, "Dead Game", Author and Criminologist Jennifer Chase, Crime Prevention, devices, safety, Safety Tips, Thriller Novels.

There are many types of security products available now to carry as personal safety devices. It’s a good idea to have at least one of the recommended devices to carry with you. By carrying a security product, it will not guarantee to prevent crimes, but it will serve you well and most likely help to divert any criminal activity.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared. In addition to personal security devices, make sure that you’re always aware and vigilant of your surrounding at all times. Stay safe!


Be sure to check with your local police department, community service officer, or security expert to make sure that these are legal security devices that you can carry in your area or state. Also, check laws of other states that you plan to visit.

1. Pepper Spray

This is quite effective and it can only take a few seconds to affect someone’s mucous membranes. It will cause tearing and choking in 30 seconds or more and allow for you to escape the potentially dangerous situation. It comes in various types: mist, fog, foam, or stream. Be aware that a mild breeze can cause the spray to come back to you.

2. Child Alarms

This is also quite effective if your child wanders away, usually beyond 30 feet.

3. Alarms or Noisemakers

These types of devices, when continued to shriek until deactivated, are helpful because a potential attacker doesn’t want to tangle with or chase a noisy target.

4. Doorstop Alarms for Motels/Hotels

This is a great idea for added security if you’re traveling, especially alone. It won’t stop a possible intruder, but it will alert you and others to the activity.

5. Whistles

This is also a good safety device, but the alarms and noisemakers are better option.

6. Stun Guns

This type of security device produces an electrical arc that would probably scare off a “would be” attacker. However, you generally have to be close to the subject against bare skin, and clothing is a hindrance to be effective.

7. Stun Lights

This device acts like camera flash bulb and will briefly impair an attacker’s vision.

8. Skunk Sprays

What can be worse than the stench of a skunk?

9. Dye Sprays

This will mark a criminal to help authorities catch him afterwards, but that doesn’t go to preventing a potential crime.

It’s important to know all your options with personal safety devices and choose the one that’s right for you. Talk to your local police department or safety expert for more information.

Jennifer Chase
Author & Criminologist

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