Emily’s Crime Watch – Tip #28 (School Safety)

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Award Winning Author and Criminologist Jennifer Chase, Emily Stone's Crime Watch Tips, Safe Travel, School Safety, School Safety Check List

It’s important for parents, students, school boards, principals, superintendents, teachers, school staff, and community professionals to be involved in maintaining a safe environment for children.

Safe Travel to and from School:

1) Form a safety committee that implements safety to and from school, which includes buses, cars, walking, and bicycles. Get involved. If there is already a safety committee, then make sure it’s up to date or voice your concerns.

2) Safety route maps that show the safest routes to and from school. For example, streets that has crossing guards. Once a route is chosen for your child, walk with your child to point out any hazards to watch for.

Here are a few things to remember and to ask about at the next parent-teacher meeting. All of these questions should be addressed and updated periodically.

School Safety Checklist:

1) Is student safety a priority?

2) Do parents have access to reports that include information about violent incidents at the school?

3) Does the school have safety procedures for responding to unsafe situations?

4) Does the school address ways to prevent and respond to a crisis?

5) Has someone for the school designated a coordinator to maintain a healthy and safe environment?

6) Are counselors and/or psychologists available to work with students who are troubled and/or disruptive?

7) What does the school do when students come to them with concerns about safety?

8) Are parents and students involved in activities that promote school safety?

9) Does the school have fair, firm, and consistent discipline policies?

10) Is safety addressed in all areas: cafeteria, physical education, classrooms, playgrounds, after-school programs, etc.?

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