Upcoming Show: 3/15/2011 8:00 PM (CST)
Host Name: Cubanarama
Show Name: Cold Cases Part- Jodi’s abduction IV
Date: 3/15/2011
Time: 8:00 PM (CST)
Length: 2 hrs
Link to the show
: HEREDescription:

Co-Host Mr G. www.phillyspyshop.com/ Private Investigator & Author of “YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE” Owner of the Philly Spy Shop. GARY PETERSONwww.findjodi.com/ Death Scene Investigator, Missing Person Consultant. Gary is certified by the Air Force in ground search and rescue techniques and procedures. He is also a Medico/Legal Death Scene Investigator for the Minnesota Regional Medical Examiners Office. He is a former member of Texas EquuSearch assisting in locating missing people worldwide. He has worked on the Cayle Anthony case in Orlando and the disappearance of Stacey Peterson in Chicago. Gary’s expertise in conducting searches and following up leads makes him a valuable resource when searching for missing persons and solving cold cases.

JENNIFER CHASEwww.jenniferchase.vpweb.com/ is an author, freelance writer, and criminologist. She has authored three thriller novels “Compulsion“, award winning “Dead Game“, and “Silent Partner“. In addition, she currently assists clients in publishing, ghostwriting, book reviews, copyrighting, screenwriting, editing, research, and writer’s assistant.

GALE ST.JOHNwww.psychicgalestjohn.com/media.htm Gale St. John is a well-known psychic detective appearing on many shows including on “Larry King Live,” “Court TV” and “Discovery.” A total four team members and two cadaver dogs known as the Body Hunter Team are in town searching for Caylee Anthony. St. John has been involved in a number of cases including missing persons, murders and serial cases.expand


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