To ensure your personal safety, it is considered to be a shared responsibility. It is important to think and act in ways to increase your personal safety, such as on a college campus.

Here are a few things to remember to guard yourself when you move around freely on any college campus during the day or at night.

· Use well-lit areas when walking at night. These areas should be well-traveled and open routes to your destination. Travel these same areas even in the daytime.

· If at all possible, don’t walk alone at night. Find a friend, walk in groups, or have someone meet you at a well-lit area. If you feel uneasy and are alone, contact the campus security for an escort.

· Let a friend or even a professor know if your routine changes for any reason.

· Familiarize yourself with emergency call phones around campus.

· Plan ahead of your routes going to class, library, and events.

· Don’t go to an ATM at night.

· Walk assertively, be alert to everything around you. Dress appropriately for movement, wear low-heeled shoes, and don’t carry too many bags or packages.

· Have your car keys in hand before leaving any building. Get into your vehicle quickly and lock your doors immediately.

· Don’t prop outside doors open that should be locked.

· Carry a whistle or other noise-making device to alert other if there’s a problem.

· Police advise saying “No” to requests for money from strangers and avoid confrontation.

· If you feel threatened for any reason, contact the police or campus security.

· Report ALL suspicious activity to police or campus security.

· Trust your instincts!

Jennifer Chase
Award Winning Author & Criminologist

Crime Watch
Book & Crime Talk:
Books: Compulsion = Dead Game = Silent Partner = Screenwriting


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