Emily Stone’s Crime Watch Tip — (personal safety)

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Crime Tips, Crime Watch
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Emily Stone is definitely a woman who would stand up and fight no matter what she encountered.  However, in real life each person must decide on their own how they would react to a potentially dangerous situation. 

What would you do?

It has been stated from various representatives of law enforcement that victims are often hurt by the “startle factor”.  Victims were not paying attention to their surroundings or they were engrossed in a phone call when they were approached by the criminal element.  Those individuals who responded well remained calm, collected, and logical.  They basically kept a cool head and weighed their options.  Some individuals are feistier than others and have averted a potentially dangerous situation that could have gone either way.

To stay calm and logical during a potentially dangerous situation, there are several things to keep in mind.  Here’s a helpful list of the face-to-face factors to consider:

1.                  Your Wariness

How are you presenting yourself in a situation alone?  Don’t be a target because you’re daydreaming, using your phone, or being timid and unsure.  Use your self-confidence and alertness.

2.                  Your Willingness

What are you willing to do in a dangerous situation?  Would you truly fight for your life and never give up?

3.                  Your Abilities

Ask yourself what your strategy would be if you were in a dangerous situation.  Run some scenarios through your mind.

4.                  Your Personality

Everyone is different.  Are you more of a passive or aggressive person?  If you’re more of a passive person, can you step up and “fake” being assertive?

5.                  Type of Assailant

Quickly study the type of assailant that has approached you.  Is this persona scared, confident, a lunatic, or somewhere in between?

6.                  The Location

Location is important.  Is it an area that you know well and frequent?  Familiarity and populated areas generally intimidate any potential assailant. 

7.                  Presence of Weapon or Accomplice    

You might not see any weapon or accomplice at first, or the assailant might use his weapon immediately.  Weigh the situation carefully, but quickly before you react.


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