Emily Stone’s Crime Watch Tip — (Home Safety)

Posted: July 15, 2011 in crime tip, Safety Tips
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In my crime fiction novel Compulsion, Emily takes her job seriously as she hunts down child abductors and serial killers, even though it’s all done anonymously and behind the scenes.  One thing that she strongly advocates is public safety, and she will do whatever it takes to make sure that we are all safe. 

One place that everyone should feel safe is at home.

Sometimes, we forget that when we’re in the safety of our home to keep vigilant and alert, especially when we are coming or going.

1.                  Always have your key ready before you get to your front door and pay attention to what’s around you.

2.                  Keep ALL windows and doors locked at all times when you’re away from your residence no matter what the temperature is outside.

3.                  Keep your front entrance area well lit, replace light bulbs regularly, and make sure that fixtures are in good working order.  If possible, have motion lights installed in addition to the regular outside lights.

4.                  If you arrive home and find your front door open: DO NOT GO INSIDE, call the police immediately from your cell phone, neighbor’s house, or pay phone. 

5.                  If you live in an apartment, list only your last name and first initial (especially ladies) on your mailbox.

6.                  Don’t buzz someone in to your building or apartment complex unless you know them.

7.                  The same goes for holding the door open for someone you don’t know that has been waiting.  Don’t let anyone into your building or apartment complex that you don’t know.

8.                  If a stranger needs to use your phone in an emergency, keep them out, and offer to make the call for them. 

9.                  If you ever have ANY doubt or feel threatened in any way, call the police.  Report anything that seems suspicious to the police immediately. 

These are just a few important safety precautions to remember when you’re at home, especially when you’re alone.  Everyone should always feel safe and secure inside their own home. 


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