Emily Stone’s Crime Watch Tip — (Burglaries & Home Invasions)

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Crime Prevention, crime tip
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Emily wanted me to talk about a safety issue that many people have expressed their recent concerns – home security and what to do to keep your family and home safe from burglaries or home invasions.

There are two important aspects to remember for home security against potential break-ins: secure you home with proper hardware and electronics, and make sure that your entire family ALWAYS uses them correctly.  Follow these simple guidelines with no exceptions.

Remember, if you come home and your house has been broken into, DO NOT GO INSIDE.  Call the police immediately and wait for them to arrive, away from the residence or at a neighbor’s house. 

There are 4 basic types of burglars and home invaders:

1.                  Professionals – these are the most sophisticated type of burglars or “cat burglars” and they generally are interested in businesses or extremely wealthy homes.

2.                  Opportunists – these are generally juvenile delinquents and pose a medium amount of danger.

3.                  Thrill-Seekers – these are also generally juvenile delinquents and pose a medium amount of danger. A higher danger potential are gang members, voyeurs, rapists, and murderers.

4.                  Drug Addicts – these are unskilled, unpredictable, individuals usually high on drugs.  Basically, these types of individuals commit up to 90 percent of all burglaries and home invasions.  Since they are desperate, irrational and prone to violence, they are very dangerous.

What simple precautions can you do to protect you and your family from being a victim of burglary or home invasions?

1.                  Install door reinforcements.

2.                  Install window reinforcements.

3.                  Install garage and yard reinforcements.

4.                  Install simple home electronics.

5.                  Install an alarm system.

6.                  Good neighbors:  know your neighbors and watch out for one another.

7.                  Join or start a Neighborhood Watch Group.

These are simple preventative measures to keep in mind when you’re home:

1.                  Keep your windows and doors locked.  About half of all home invasions happen because of unlocked doors or windows.  If you’re outdoors gardening or at a neighbor’s house, remember to lock your door and carry a key with you.  Be careful where you hide a house key and don’t make it obvious.

2.                  Never blindly open the door when someone knocks or rings the doorbell.  This can be a burglar practice called a “push in”.

3.                  Avoid a “scam in” and never open the door to a stranger no matter what they say.  These types of scam artists are master manipulators.

Pay attention to what goes on in your neighborhood.  If you see anything that looks suspicious or looks out of place, report it to the local police immediately.

Be sure to talk to your children about home safety strategies and implement them into your daily routine.

For more information on how to keep your home and family safe from break-ins or home invasions, contact your local law enforcement agency or security specialist.  

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