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One of the biggest problems facing law enforcement with catching and prosecuting Internet child pornographers is that technology hasn’t caught up with this type of crime yet.  It’s an immense problem and the scope of it seems almost endless for these dogged investigators.  The problem with the investigative process is analyzing and classifying images.  This process is overwhelming and extremely time consuming.

How many children are victims of online sexual exploitation?

  • In 2008, it was reported that there were approximately 8.6 million child pornography images and videos on the Internet.

The 2008 Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) Annual Report revealed these staggering statistics of child pornography Internet victims:

  • 69% are under ten years old.
  • 24% are six years old and younger.
  • Some are babies.

According to the latest online victimization research through the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC):

  • Approximately one in seven youth online (10 to 17-years-old) received a sexual solicitation or approach over the Internet.
  • Four percent (4%) received an aggressive sexual solicitation – a solicitor who asked to meet them somewhere; called them on the telephone; or sent them offline mail, money, or gifts.
  • Thirty-four percent (34%) had an unwanted exposure to sexual material — pictures of naked people or people having sex.
  • Twenty-seven percent (27%) of the youth who encountered unwanted sexual material told a parent or guardian. If the encounter was defined as distressing – episodes that made them feel very or extremely upset or afraid – forty-two percent (42%) told a parent or guardian.

There have been two new software tools developed to catch these child predators: NetClean Analyze and Oak Ridge System.

NetClean Analyze addresses the key issues to help minimize time investigators look at and duplicate images and videos, allows for collaboration between police departments, and facilitates more efficient customized reports.  This software has been made available to ALL law enforcement agencies.

The Oak Ridge System runs software to rapidly scan hard drives on confiscated computers, which assists investigators in quickly reducing the amount of time for forensic analysis. 

There are other emerging tools and software that will further assist in these investigations to help prosecute these child predators. 

I can’t emphasize enough that you must be vigilant if you are a parent to keep your children safe when they are on the Internet.  If you EVER see ANY child pornography on the Internet or if your child alerts you to anything inappropriate, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to your local police department.  ALL children should be safe from child predators and pornographers on the Internet.


Jennifer Chase
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Emily Stone is the heroine in my novels Compulsion, Dead Game, and soon to be released this year Dark Mind. She expertly tracks down pedophiles and serial killers and then anonymously emails her entire investigation to the police detective in charge of the case. She’s definitely one high-tech super sleuth that gets the job done as more criminals are taken off the streets. Her compulsion is to make sure that children, neighbors, and communities are safe from crime.
It’s important not to become a target for a potential crime and there are a few basic tips that will help to keep you safe when traveling from one destination to the next.

Try and remember these three basic tips when you’re out in public areas:

1. Alert – be prepared and alert to where you are going and what you’re going to be doing next. Don’t get distracted by searching through your purse for keys or dialing your cell phone as you leave work or a shopping area. This makes you unaware of what’s going on around you and who could be watching you. It could potentially make you a crime target. If you are walking out to a parking lot have your key or alarm release ready. Get inside your vehicle and lock your doors before you do anything that takes your mind off the immediate surroundings.

2. Confidence – move and walk with confidence. That means make eye contact and carry your body straight with your shoulders back and down looking straight ahead. Confidence can be a valuable defense tactic and it can go a long way to help deter being a potential crime victim.

3. Observe – take a few seconds to observe your surroundings. It can be just a quick glance in several directions or studying something in more detail. If something doesn’t look or seem right to you, then retreat back into a public area for assistance. Also, if you notice something that seems out of place remember simple things, such as the exact location, description of all people involved, cars or objects, and exactly what you observed. This can be extremely important information to police investigations.

I actually carry a small spiral notebook, something that I can slip into a pocket or purse, to record anything that I feel looks out of place in public locations. That way I can refer to my notes if something ever transpires from the observed situation.

If you ever feel that you are in any danger or witness any type of crime, don’t hesitate to call the police immediately.


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